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How to Get Started on Tsu

Example of YouTubers

Can you think of the faces of any successful YouTubers? Thanks to them, we all know we’re in the era where every average individual has a chance to make money just by uploading their own original content. I think you can’t agree more!

JF (Tsū Guide)
JF (Tsū Guide)

Now, are you making money on YouTube?

If your answer is “Yes”, please close this page and make a plan for the next video project right now. I hope you’ll succeed on your path.

If your answer is “No”,

JF (Tsū Guide)
JF (Tsū Guide)

Welcome to Tsū!

Tsū is a social media platform that pays. Just post your status, photos, and videos. You’ll earn a cup of coffee for tomorrow

In this article, I will show you how to get started on Tsū in an easy-to-understand manner, especially for content creators who have not joined Tsū yet.

What Is Tsū?

Tsū is a social media platform where you can post original content such as status, photos, and videos and interact with your friends, just like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr.

Tsū is greatly different in that the platform pays a share of their advertising revenues as a reward, which can never be possible on the other platforms (except YouTube).

Profile screen on Tsū
Profile screen on Tsū

Current Status of Social Networks

Your photos, videos, and text that you have been posting to different social platforms until now are surely of great value. It is truly natural to think that way to consider the number of likes and shares your posts have earned so far, right?

To tell the truth, social platform owners rely on such valuable content to monopolize huge advertising revenue.

social network fatigue

This is not a time to say “Thank you for letting me use it for free”. If you continue to use any social media seriously, you will end up with “social network fatigue”. It’s because you keep posting and interacting with your head and your stamina. We should be in a right position to demand compensation from them.

Social Network Revolution

In 2014, a true social network revolution took place in the United States to overcome the exploitation similar to slavery.

That revolutionary social network was Tsū, named after the Japanese word “通 (つう; tsū)”.

old tsu logo

What was revolutionary about Tsū was that it paid a share of its advertising revenues to each of more than a million users based on how much they were active on the platform. There are many users who received a USD 100 dollar check only by using this social network, regardless of nationality or race.

Unfortunately, due to widespread unauthorized content posting and spamming, it was forced to close in 2016.

Social Network Reboot

To avoid repeating the same tragedy again, the new Tsū, which rebooted with the alpha test version in June 2020, has employed a new system that removes all the problems on the old platform.

New Tsu logo

You can be an early adopter of this awesome app today by following the instructions shown below. You’ll be instantly obsessed with the charm of Tsū!

Let’s get started on how to join Tsū.

How to Join Tsū

To newly register for Tsū, first tap the red circle button labeled “Tsū App” below to download the Tsū app. Go to the download page for either the iOS version (iPhone/iPad) or Android version depending on your smartphone model (PC version is not available).

JF (Tsū Guide)
JF (Tsū Guide)

Check the following two points to prevent possible issues.
(1) If you have installed Tsū app in the past, uninstall it.
(2) Regardless of whether you followed the above (1), please restart your smartphone(bookmark this blog post so that you can come back here).
Then use the button below to download the app.

After you download and install the Tsū app, the tsū logo screen will be displayed for a moment and the sign-up (registration) screen will appear.

If the login screen “WELCOME BACK!” is displayed instead of the “WELCOME ABORD!” screen, close the Tsū app without pressing the”SIGN UP” button, and then tap the following button again.

Follow the onscreen instructions to sign up for Tsū.

First, enter your first and last name, email address, user name (ID), password, and your birthday. You can change these items of your identifying information later except the password and birthday later.

Then put a check mark after reading the Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy.

The registration is completed by tapping the “SIGN UP” button at the bottom of the screen.

JF (Tsū Guide)
JF (Tsū Guide)

You may be asked “Who Invited You?“. In that case, please enter the following my account ID.


It’s so simple, isn’t it?

Let’s earn on Tsū

Making money on Tsū is as simple as the above registration—post your original content and interact with other users, just like you do on other social media platforms.

International students wearing medical face masks taking selfie

That’s it. The “BANK” tab on Tsū app will show your earnings every weekday around 10 am EST.

Of course there are some ways to optimize and maximize how you earn. Send me a Tsū message (DM or PM) and I’d be happy to share the tips if you join my network (i.e., if you join Tsū via the above “Tsū App” button).

JF (Tsū Guide)
JF (Tsū Guide)

I’m looking forward to seeing you and your original content on Tsū!!

Jun Fukumitsu—Former Japanese Community Manager in Old Tsū

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